Machine Learning Course SS 19 U Stuttgart

See my general teaching page for previous versions of this lecture. Esp see the compiled slides for an overview.

The tutorials on Monday, Apr 8 are cancelled. The first lecture is on Thu, Apr 11, 14:00, hall V38.04.

Weekly, Thursdays, 14:00, hall V38.04
Starting from the 2nd week, weekly. Please join the first lecture to learn about how to choose the session, how to get credits, etc. These are the sessions:

Ü1 -- Mo 09:45 -- room V7.03 -- Janik
Ü2 -- Mo 11:30 -- room V7.03 -- Janik
Ü3 -- Mo 14:00 -- room 0.124 -- Marc -- special session for data science students
Ü4 -- Mo 17:30 -- room V38.04 -- Philipp

Schedule, slides & exercises
date topics slides exercises
(due on following Monday)
11.4. Introduction 01-introduction e01-intro
18.4. Regression 02-regression holiday
25.4. Classification 03-classification e02-linearRegression
2.5. Classification e03-classification
9.5. Neural Networks 04-neuralNetworks e04-classification
16.5. Neural Networks e05-NN
23.5. Kernelization 05-kernelization e06-tensorFlow
30.5. (holiday) e07-kernels
6.6. Unsupervised Learning 06-unsupervised e08-PCA
20.6. (holiday) e09-clustering
27.6. Lazy Learning & Boosting 07-localLearning-ensembles e10-knn-boosting
4.7. Probabilistic ML 08-probabilisticML
11.7. Probabilistic ML e12-bonus
18.7. Summary & Q&A with tutors 11-recap
Script & Exam Preparation
Here is the complete script for this year: paper .

Use the table of contents as an overview. Topics we skipped or discussed only vert briefly are marked **, and are not relevant for the exam.

See page 137!

Here is an example exam from before 2016: ../16-MachineLearning/beispielKlausur

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