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User Guide for the Eclipse VOCL-Plugin
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Holger Endert
Frank Hermann
Tony Modica
Eduard Weiss


  1. Abstract
  2. Getting Started
    1. System Requirements
    2. Installation
    3. Startiung the editor
    4. Editor-Panel setup
  3. Basic Editing Steps
    1. Creating Constraints
    2. Working with the editor
    3. Classifier
    4. Collection Classifier
    5. Association
    6. Condition
  4. Creating Expressions
    1. Navigation Expressions
    2. Boolean Expressions
    3. IfThenElse Expressions
    4. Let Expression
    5. Predicate Container
  5. Summary and future prospects

1. Abstract

This document serves as an introduction to the main features of the Eclipse VOCL-Editor Plugin, developed during a student project at the TU-Berlin in summers course 2004. Focusing the usage of the editor, we first explain how to install and getting started, using the Eclipse IDE, followed by an overview of the editors components. Next, the creation of VOCL diagrams is presented. Therefor we evolve step by step simple examples, which will cover nearly all features of the editor, beginning with constraints and completing with the different types of expressions, like navigations or boolean expressions. This document will not provide a deeper look into the realisation of the editor itself. For a detailed overview of the implementation, refer to the developers guide (TODO: insert url).
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