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User Guide for the Eclipse VOCL-Plugin
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User for the Eclipse VOCL-Editor Plugin of

Stefan Hänsgen
Maximilian Kern
André Hernich
Sebastian Russin

1. Getting Started
       1.1 Installation
       1.2 Editor start
       1.3 Editor's structure
       1.4 Capabilities of the editor

2. The basic elements of VOCL
       2.1 Constraint
       2.2 Simple ClassifierRoles
       2.3 SetClassifierRoles
       2.4 AssociationRoles
       2.5 Conditions

3. Expressions in VOCL
       3.1 Navigation expressions
       3.2 Boolean expressions
       3.3 If-then-else expressions
       3.4 Let-in expressions

4. Future work

This document provides an introduction to the VOCL - Editor which has been developed during a students project at TU-Berlin in summer course 2004. This editor is realized as a Eclipse plugin, so that it can be integrated in the Eclipse workbench easily.
This document is divided in four parts: first of all we give an installation instruction of the plugin and an editor's features overview. In the second chapter you learn how to create the basic elements of VOCL. This starts with Constraint, followed by Classifiers and at least Conditions. After that it is possible to draw complex VOCL expressions which are shown in chapter three. That covers navigation expression, if-then-else, let-in and boolean expressions. The introduction of these elements is accompanied by several examples which should help you to understand them quickly. Moreover the VOCL - to - OCL converter is introduced which translates the VOCL diagram into a OCL String. In the last chapter we give an outlook on the further development of the editor.



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