Shuhao Zhang (张书豪)

Postdoctoral Researcher

Technische Universität Berlin
Database Systems and Information Management Group (DIMA)
Office: EN level 7 Room 721, Einsteinufer 17, EN721 Technische Universität Berlin, 10587 Berlin Germany
tel: +49 3031476663
NEWS: I'll be starting as a tenure-track Assistant Professor at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), Singapore in early 2021. I have a few positions for full PhD scholarhip at SUTD [More Information]

Short Bio

Shuhao Zhang will be joining ISTD Pillar of SUTD as a faculty in early 2021. He is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Technische Universität Berlin working with Prof.Volker Markl on the topic of data stream processing and management. He obtained his Ph.D. degree from the school of computing at National University of Singapore in 2019, under the supervision of Prof. Bingsheng He. He had previously worked as Research Scientist/Assistant with Prof. Bingsheng He, Dr. Daniel Dahlmeier, and Dr. Khin Mi Mi Aung at NUS, SAP and I2R. He had published a list of papers in top-tier conferences and journals including SIGMOD, VLDB, ICDE, ATC and TPDS. He is also the first inventor of two patents registered in the US.
His current research interest include big data management systems (with special interests in stream processing and timeseries management), distributed and parallel computing and emerging ML/AI applications.

Selected Publications (Google scholar entry)

*: students under supervision/co-supervision of me.

[Hardware Conscious Stream Processing]  

  1. Feng Zhang, Lin Yang, Shuhao Zhang, Bingsheng He, Wei Lu, Xiaoyong Du.

    FineStream: Fine-Grained Window-Based Stream Processing on CPU-GPU Integrated Architectures [Paper]

    To appear in the USENIX Annual Technical Conference (USENIX ATC), 2020.

  2. Shuhao Zhang, Yingjun Wu, Feng Zhang, Bingsheng He.

    Towards Concurrent Stateful Stream Processing on Multicore Processors [paper]

    Proceedings of the 36st IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE), 2020.

  3. Shuhao Zhang, Feng Zhang, Yingjun Wu, Bingsheng He, Paul Johns.

    Hardware-Conscious Stream Processing: A Survey [Paper]

    ACM SIGMOD Record (SIGMOD Rec), Volume: 48 , Issue: 4 , December 31 2019.

  4. Shuhao Zhang, Jiong He, Amelie Chi Zhou, Bingsheng He.

    BriskStream: Scaling Data Stream Processing on Shared-Memory Multicore Architectures [Paper] [Code]

    Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Management of Data (SIGMOD), 2019.

  5. Shuhao Zhang, Bingsheng He, Daniel Dahlmeier, Amelie Chi Zhou, Thomas Heinze.

    Revisiting the design of data stream processing systems on multi-core processors [Paper] [Code]

    Proceedings of the 33st IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE), 2017.

[Hardware Conscious Batch Processing]  

  1. Feng Zhang, Jidong Zhai, Bingsheng He, Shuhao Zhang, Wenguang Chen.

    Understanding Co-running Behaviors on Integrated CPU/GPU Architectures [Paper]

    IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (TPDS), Volume: 28 , Issue: 3 , March 1 2017.

  2. Zeke Wang, Shuhao Zhang, Bingsheng He, Wei Zhang.

    Melia: A MapReduce Framework on OpenCL-Based FPGAs [Paper]

    IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (TPDS), Volume: 27 , Issue: 12 , Dec. 1 2016.

  3. Shanjiang Tang, Bingsheng He, Shuhao Zhang, Zhaojie Niu.

    Elastic Multi-Resource Fairness: Balancing Fairness and Efficiency in Coupled CPU-GPU Architectures [Paper]

    Proceedings of the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (SC), 2016.

  4. Feng Zhang, Jidong Zhai, Wenguang Chen, Bingsheng He, Shuhao Zhang.

    To Co-run, or Not to Co-run: A Performance Study on Integrated Architectures [Paper] [Code]

    Proceedings of the 23rd International Symposium on Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (MASCOTS), 2015. (short-paper)

  5. Jiong He, Shuhao Zhang, Bingsheng He.

    In-Cache Query Co-Processing on Coupled CPU-GPU Architectures [Paper]

    Proceedings of the 39th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases (VLDB), 2013.

  6. Shuhao Zhang, Jiong He, Bingsheng He.

    OmniDB: Towards Portable and Efficient Query Processing on Parallel CPU/GPU Architectures [Paper] [Code]
    Proceedings of the 39th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases (VLDB), 2013. (demo)

[Stream Processing and Machine Learning Applications and Optimizations]  

  1. Steffen Zeuch, Eleni Tzirita Zacharatou, Shuhao Zhang, Xenofon Chatziliadis, Ankit Chaudhary, Bonaventura Del Monte, Philipp M. Grulich, Dimitrios Giouroukis, Ariane Ziehn, Volker Markl.

    NebulaStream: Complex Analytics Beyond the Cloud

    To appear in International Workshop on Very Large Internet of Things (VLIoT), 2020. (vision paper)

  2. Feng Zhang, Ningxuan Feng, Yani Liu, Cheng Yang, Jidong Zhai, Shuhao Zhang, Bingsheng He, Jiazao Lin, Xiaoyong Du.

    PewLSTM: Periodic LSTM with Weather-Aware Gating Mechanism for Parking Behavior Prediction

    To appear in International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence --Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), 2020.

  3. Jieliang Ang*, Tianyuan Fu*, Johns Paul, Shuhao Zhang, Bingsheng He, Teddy Sison David Wenceslao, Sien Yi Tan.

    TraV: An Interactive Trajectory Exploration System For Massive Data Sets [Paper]

    Proceedings of the Fifth IEEE International Conference on Multimedia Big Data (IEEE BIGMM), 2019. (demo)

  4. Shuhao Zhang, Hoang Tam Vo, Daniel Dahlmeier, Bingsheng He.

    Multi-Query Optimization for Complex Event Processing in SAP ESP [Paper]

    Proceedings of the 33st IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE), 2017. (Industrial and Application)

Selected Honors and Awards

Professional Services

[Program Committee Member]

[Invited Reviewer]


  1. Efficient execution of data stream processing systems on multi-core processors (US Patent App. 15/348,932, First Inventor), 2018
  2. Multi-query optimizer for complex event processing (US Patent App. 9,953,056, First Inventor), 2018


  1. Lecturer of IMSEM SS2020 Hot Topics in Information Management Seminar (TU Berlin, with Prof.Volker Markl)
  2. TA of CS6284 Big Data Meets New Hardware (NUS Term 1-2019, Lecturer: Prof.Bingsheng He) My guest lecture slides (pptx)
  3. Tutor of CS2102 Database Systems (NUS Special Term 2-2019, Lecturer: Prof.Xiaokui Xiao)
  4. Lecturer and TA of Big Data Systems on Future Hardware (NUS winter-school-2018, Lecturer: Prof.Bingsheng He)

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