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I am an American citizen who was born, raised, and completed my undergraduate studies in the Pacific Northwest. I moved to Michigan for graduate school and then to Germany for my postdoctoral work. My German language skills are self-taught. I reckon my German CEFR level is around B1 or B2.


In case you happen to meet me in person its probably worth noting that I'm fairly tall. To be exact I'm 6'8"/202cm tall, putting me about 3.1 standard deviations taller than your average American/European/East Asian/Australian male (source) and taller than 99.9% of males in those regions according to my z-score. No I don't play basketball anymore, but I did play for a bit in high school.

Some things I enjoy include
  • electronic music
  • swimming
  • go: I used to play fairly often and was around 5 kyu (KGS). Nowadays I don't play so much but I still enjoy it.