Peter Jung

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Technical University Berlin (TUB)
Sekr. HFT 6, 6.Etage
Einsteinufer 25
10587 Berlin
E-post: peter.jung [@] tu-berlin [DOT] de

About me

I received the Dipl.-Phys. in high energy physics in 2000 from Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, in cooperation with DESY Hamburg. Since 2001 I have been with the Department of Broadband Mobile Communication Networks, Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich-Hertz-Institut (HHI) and since 2004 with Fraunhofer German-Sino Lab for Mobile Communications.

In 2007 I received the Dr.-rer.nat (Ph.D.) degree (on “Weyl–Heisenberg representations in communication theory”) at the Technical University of Berlin (TUB), Germany. Currently I am working under own DFG grants at the Technical University in Berlin, Germany (TUB) in the field signal processing and information and communication theory. I am a member of the The Communications and Information Theory Group (CommIT) of Prof. Giuseppe Caire.


I am working in communication theory, signal processing and information theory. My research profile is the interface between applied math and telecommunication engineering. My research interests include :

  • 5G (6G) related research (new air interface, mmWave, massive MIMO & random access, UWB)

  • Sensor networks, IoT and related data science applications

  • Compressed sensing (CS), low–rank matrix recovery, blind deconvolution and dimension reduction in communications

  • Compressive imaging and inverse problem with deep-learning (visible, THz, Radar)

  • Noncoherent and blind communication principles, Nonorthogonal waveforms,

  • Multiuser MIMO feedback methods

  • Time–frequency analysis, Gabor frame and filterbank theory

  • Doubly-dispersive communication channels


I give lectures in compressed sensing and estimation theory.



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