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Get the RONEditor and MuvitorKit

Here you can download everything related to the RONEditor.

Extended RonEditor based on MuvitorKit with Analysis Support

How to install the RONEditor

We recommend the following ways for installing the RONEditor, depending on your intention how to use it. Both require apparently a lot of space for just a simple graphical editor but we rely on the Eclipse workbench, which occupies the biggest part of it.
If you just want to play around casually with the RONEditor:

Download the archive RONEditorPlugins.zip (21.08.10) containing some bundled plug-ins and extract its contents into your Eclipse's plug-in or p2 folder.
... and if you are using Windows:

You can alternatively try this complete package (21.08.10), which contains everything to run the editor. You just have to unzip it (36MB), run the extracted startroneitor.exe and choose a place to store your files (a.k.a. the workspace).
If you want to look at the RONEditor's or MuvitorKit's source code for developing or debugging purposes:

(2,5MB + your installation)
Import the editor to a workbench in your prefered custom Eclipse installation:
  1. Download the RONEditor sources archive (21.08.10), which contains the Eclipse projects including Java sources.
  2. Select File->Import->Existing Projects into Workspace from the menu
  3. Tick Select from archive file: and browse to the zip file from the first step.
  4. Ensure all projects being marked and click Finish.
Start a runtime-workbench:
  1. Select Run->Run.. from the menu
  2. Double click on Eclipse Application.
  3. Click Run.
or just click on the green circle button with the white triangle next to the bug button (resp. the bug for debugging).
If you do not know what this is about you should probably stick to the first installation possibility.
After installation you should be able to invoke theRON file creation wizard via File->Other... but you may also create manually a new file or open an existing file having the extension ".ron".

You can try the editor on these Example RON files (21.07.09) if you import them in some project in your (runtime-)workspace.

This is the editor presented in the GT-VMT 2008 Paper with conflict analysis. It is based mainly on the editor by group 3 below and contains a lot of bugfixes and improvements, so this one should be your first choice! You may refer to this as a basic user manual, even if it is a bit outdated. This paper gives a general overview over the RONEditor.
Every now and then when we become aware of bugs in the extended RonEditor or we want to add a nice feature, we'll release a new (fixed) version. You can tell from the date near the links. Please ensure that you always use the RONEditor with the latest Eclipse and EMF/GEF releases!

(Current releases: Java 1.6.0_21, Eclipse Helios 3.6.0, EMF 2.6.0, GEF 3.6.0)

About the MuvitorKit

The RONEditor led to the implementation of an abstract plug-in that is an easy to use framework to create GEF-based editors from scratch. Editors based on this plug-in incorporate many generic standard GEF (and other) features without the need to reimplement them anew. This plugin is called MuvitorKit (for Multi-View Editors) and is shipped with the RONEditor package. We use this plug-in to reduce the complexity of getting familiar with GEF for our students and to allow them to produce working editors in short time. (mutavi mutandis :-)
We have written an article about our experiences of using this framework for teaching programming of graphical editors in Eclipse. The article An Eclipse Framework for Rapid Development of Rich-featured GEF Editors based on EMF Models (Long Version) describes the MuvitorKit in detail. We are going to present it at the workshop "Methodische Entwicklung von Modellierungs-werkzeugen" of the Informatik 2009 conference. We are currently working on a detailed tutorial how to set up a minimal running editor with MuvitorKit.

For archival purposes, we store the original editors the students made here, though we encourage you to use the new RONEditor above instead. We can not give you any support for the following plug-ins, which are as they have been commited at the end of the project and may contain bugs or unimplemented features!

System requirements for students' editors

Eclipse 3.2.2 with Java compiler compliance level >= 6.0 and plug-ins GEF 3.2.0, EMF 2.2.2.

Though the student's editors have been developed with/for this environment, they may run fine with more recent versions as well, which has not been tested.

Students' Eclipse project packages:

group 1 RONEditor_gp1.zip Manual Samples
group 2 RONEditor_gp2.zip Manual Samples
group 3 RONEditor_gp3.zip Manual Samples
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