First meeting on GXL (graph exchange language) and GTXL (graph transformation exchange language)  in Paderborn (September 5-6, 2000) :


  1.  GXL  by Andy Schürr (University BW, Munich, Germany) , Andreas Winter  (University of Koblenz, Germany) and Ric Holt (University of Waterloo, Canada)
  2.  GTS  by Gabriele Taentzer , Rosi Bardohl and Michael Matz (Technical University of Berlin)
  3.  GRXL  by Peter Rodgers (University of Kent)
  4.  GTS  by Gabriel Valiente (Technical University of Catalonia)
  5.  GRATRA  by Dániel Varró, Gergely Varró and András Pataricza (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
During this meeting we discussed a common logical model. It is based on UML class diagrams. At the end of the meeting we agreed on the following work packages to work out this logical model and to generate a DTD/XML Schema out of  it:

W1: UML Diagram to DTD                                              Ralph Depke, Reiko Heckel
W2: UML Diagram to XML Schema                            Daniel Varro
W3: XML Schema for GTS                                             Daniel Varro
W4: UML Diagrams for graph and graph schema    Andy Schürr, Andreas Winter
W5: UML Diagrams for control                                      Albert Zündorf
W6: UML Diagrams for GTS                                         Michael Matz , Gabi Taentzer

The general plan is to discuss the proposals and results electronically in December to February and to have a further meeting in March in Bremen where we hopefully come up with common DTD/XML schemas for graphs and graph transformations.