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Tiger GMF Transformation Project

Tiger GMF Transformation Project

The Tiger GMF Transformation Project is an extension of the Eclipse GMF Project that adds complex editing operations to a Editor designed with GMF framework. It uses the EMF Transformation Project for in-place EMF transformation based on graph transformation. Transformations are visually defined by rules on object patterns typed over an EMF core model. Defined transformation systems can be compiled to Java code building up on generated EMF classes. This code can be programaticaly linked with palette entries during development of an GMF Editor.


·         GMF Transformation User and Developer Manual

·         Underlying EMF Transformation Tool User Manual for defining complex editing operations as with transformation rules


·         MoDELS'06: Graphical Definition of In-Place Transformations in the Eclipse Modeling Framework (Slides)

·         Diploma Thesis Christian Köhler: A Visual Model Transformation Environment for the Eclipse Modeling Framework

·         Diploma Thesis (in German) Enrico Biermann, Günter Kuhns: Konzeption und Implementierung einer regelbasierten Transformationskomponente für das Eclipse Modeling Framework

·         Diploma Thesis (in German) Andre Crema, Rene Schmutzler: Konzeption und Implementierung einer Erweiterung des Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework um komplexe Editieroperationen

·         Setra'06: EMF Model Refactoring based on Graph Transformation Concepts

Software Requirements

·         Java 5.0 or later

·         Eclipse 3.3M2 and GMF 2.0M3 Required Plug-ins

(A single zip of all required bundles plus Eclipse 3.3M2 is available here)


If you want to give the GMF Extension a try, then please download the GMF Extension Archieve and extract it into previosly downloaded reqirements. Additionally you will need a modified verison of EMFTrans that should be extracted to the same location. A simple example can be recieved via the examples Project Set.

Project Sets for Source Code Installation

another way to get an impression of GMFTrans

Unzip the requirements bundle and start this eclipse environmment

Install via menu File > Import > Team > Team Project Set : gmfextensions.psf
(including example ActivitySynCon)

After installing all Projects via the Project Set, start a new Eclipse Runtime via menu Run as… > Eclipse Application

In this newly started Runtime Environment you can take a look at the ActivitySynCon Diagram via menu File > New > Example> ActivitySynCon Diagram.


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Eclipse Public License - Version 1.0