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Applications of  AGG

Applications of AGG can be twofold: (1) Using AGG via its graphical user interface graph grammars can be developed. Their interpretation is directly visualized within AGG and each step can be investigated. Small applications of this kind can be viewed on our example page. (2) Another kind of applications are those which rely on graph transformation concepts in general. Those applications can use the internal graph transformation machine of AGG, but have their own graphical user interface. One of those applications are listed below. A sample Java class explains the principle usage of AGG's internal graph transformation machine.

At the TU Berlin, AGG is employed as core engine of the visual modelling environment generators  GenGED and TIGER.

At the University of Bremen, UML metamodel transformations are realized with AGG.

At the University of Trento,  AGG is used in agent oriented software engineering.

Together with IBM Zurich Research Laboratory we have developed model transformation rules in AGG for Automatically Generating Instances of Metamodels.