Nils Hofmann, B.Sc.

I’m a graduate student of Human Factors at Technische Universität Berlin. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Freie Universität Berlin. I’m currently working as a teaching assistant at the Psychology of New Media and Psychological Methods unit at the department of Psychology and Ergonomics which is part of Faculty V of Mechanical Engineering and Transport Systems. Furthermore, I’m also working as a student assistant at the Chair of Business Informatics, Processes and Systems of University of Potsdam where I’m mostly supporting the work of Research Group 7: Education and Advanced Training in the Digital Society at the Weizenbaum Institute. While writing my Master’s thesis at the moment, I’m also looking for opportunities to start a full-time job after finishing my degree.

My academic expertise – which also aligns pretty well with my personal areas of interest – focuses on the individual and societal impacts of technology use as well as research methodology. Specifically, I’m most interested in:

The purpose of this site is mainly to provide some information about me and my focus areas. As such, content should not be interpreted as the opinion of my employer. You can subscribe to any updates to this site through RSS. Last but not least, I also provide various means to contact me regarding academic or other professional matters as well as feedback and comments, which I’m always grateful for.