Wednesdays, 10-12
Fridays, 14-16
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Teaching Assistants
Jung-Su Ha
Ingmar Schubert
Papers, slides & exercises
topics material due on
Introduction 01-introduction
Reading: The TossingBot paper
e01-tossingBot April 29
Lecture: Differentiable AI 02-differentiableAI
Technical Exercise e02-endToEnd May 6
Reading: LeTS-Drive paper
e03-LeTS-Drive May 20
Review Exercise e04-LeTS-Drive-Review May 29
Lecture: Tree Search & POMDPs 03-TreeSearchPOMDPs
Technical Exercise: Tree Search & POMDPs e05-TreeSearchPOMDPs June 5
Reading: PoseRBPF paper
e06-PoseRBPF June 17
Lecture: Probabilities \& Filtering 04-probabilities
Technical Exercise: Filtering e07-filtering June 24
Review Exercise e08-PoseRBPF-Review July 1
Reading: GVF paper
e09-GVF July 8
Lecture: Model-based RL 06-RL
For your information, this is my top choice of conferences. But this course might focus on papers of RSS only.
Paper candidates (prelim)