Marc Toussaint

picture Marc Toussaint
TU Berlin
Marchstr. 23, MAR 4-4
10587 Berlin, Germany
General Inquiries:
Ilaria Cicchetti-Nilsson
tel: +49 30 314 70 140

I am head of the Learning & Intelligent Systems Lab at the EECS Faculty of TU Berlin, and member of the Science Of Intelligence cluster of excellence.

You’re welcome to visit my Google Scholar, GitHub, ResearchGate, and arXiv sites. Please see the top menu for Publications and Teaching material.

My research interests lie in the intersection of AI and robotics. I believe that a key in understanding and creating strongly generalizing intelligence is the interplay of learning and reasoning, of training and thinking, of data and models. My research therefore bridges between AI planning, machine learning, and robotics, trying to overcome the segregation of data-based AI (ML, Reinforcement Learning) and model-based AI (reasoning, inference). Concrete research topics we work on are models and algorithms for physical reasoning, task-and-motion planning (logic-geometric programming), learning heuristics, the planning-as-inference paradigm, algorithms and methods for robotic building construction, and learning to transfer model-based strategies to reactive and adaptive real-world behavior. To this end, we build on methodologies from optimization, reinforcement learning, machine learning, search, planning, and probabilistic inference. Some of my earlier work was on evolutionary algorithms (esp. evolving genetic representations and compression), relational reinforcement learning, and active learning. My physics diploma research was on gravity theory as gauge theory.



since 03/20 Full Prof. at TU Berlin; head of the Learning and Intelligent Systems Lab.
11/18-06/21 Max Planck Fellow with the MPI for Intelligent Systems
08/17-07/18 Visiting Scholar at CSAIL, MIT (LIS group)
04/17-07/17 Lead of the ML-Robotics lab at Amazon, Berlin
12/12-02/20 Full Prof. at University of Stuttgart; head of the Machine Learning and Robotics Lab.
10/10-11/12 Prof. (W1) at the Department of Math and Computer Science, FU Berlin; head of the Machine Learning and Robotics Lab at FU Berlin
3/07-10/10 Head of the Machine Learning and Robotics group (Emmy Noether Programme) at the IDA lab (Klaus-Robert Müller), TU Berlin.
8/06-2/07 Guest scientist at the Honda Research Institute, Offenbach.
6/04-6/06 Post doc at the Machine Learning group (Chris Williams) and the Statistical Machine Learning and Motor Control group (Sethu Vijayakumar), University of Edinburgh.
4/00-5/04 PhD student (& brief post doc) at the Adaptive Systems group, Institut für Neuroinformatik (Werner von Seelen), Ruhr-Universität-Bochum.
6/98-3/00 Student at the Cologne gravity group (Friedrich W. Hehl), Institute for Theoretical Physics, U Cologne.