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Erhard Konrad

Professor (retired), Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Technical University of Berlin. - Data: 1940 born in Cleasnita (Kloestitz), Bessarabia province, Kingdom of Romania (today: Vesela Dolyna, view, Oblast Odessa, Ukraine). Education in Germany (West). Studies in mathematics, physics, and philosophy. 1969 graduation in mathematics (Diploma), Heidelberg University. 1976 Doctorate in computer science, Technical University of Berlin. 1981 Habilitation (postdoctoral degree) from the Technical University of Berlin, venia legendi in information systems and artificial intelligence. 1977-82 assistent professor at the Technical University of Berlin. 1982-84 visiting associate professor at the University of California ( UC Santa Barbara and UC Santa Cruz). 1984-2005 professor at the Technical University of Berlin, speciality: knowledge-based systems.

Teaching Experience

At the Technical University of Berlin: courses in information systems, database systems, artificial intelligence, expert systems, computer chess, strategic games, automated reasoning, deduction systems; at University of Bremen (1978-80): introductory courses in computer science (algorithmization, computer organization); at the University of California (1982-84): undergraduate and graduate courses in programming, database systems, artificial intelligence, computers and society. Also industry courses on knowledge-based systems (IBM e.g.).

Research Interests

Artificial Intelligence (AI), knowledge-based systems, neural networks, fuzzy logic and systems, evolutionary computation, natural language understanding, automated reasoning, philosophical foundations of AI, computer chess (background: former player of the highest German chess league, team member of the 1969 German vice-champion Heidelberg Chess Club); database systems, information retrieval, software metrics, history of computing.


Gesellschaft fuer Informatik ( GI), Association for Computing Machinery ( ACM), The International Association for Computing and Philosophy ( IACAP), New York Academy of Sciences ( NYAS).

Professional Activities

Research worker (information retrieval) at the Study Group for Systems Research (SfS) Heidelberg (1969-71), member of a joint project of SfS, German Patent Office Munich, and Siemens AG Munich. Freelancer (statistical market research) with IDV- Infratest Heidelberg/Munich (1970/71). Teaching assistant in computer science at the Technical University of Berlin (1971-76). 1981 research stay at Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw. Served on the committee Computer-Assisted Information Systems of the Gesellschaft fuer Informatik (1971-81), and on the editorial board of the journal Information Systems (1986-96).

University Service

At the Technical University of Berlin: member of academic boards and committees (Department Education Committee, Department Council, Students' Parliament Budget Committee, Academic Senate), Director of the Computer Science Library (1988-90), Counselor for Foreign Students (1991-99), Director of the Institute of Applied Computer Science (1996-2001).



Special Contributions


Technical University of Berlin 
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 
D-10587 Berlin
E-Mail: erhard.k@mailbox.tu-berlin.de

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