Bettina Mieth

PhD Student

Berlin Institute of Technology

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Machine Learning Group

Marchstr. 23, Sekr. MAR 4-1

D-10587 Berlin, Germany

Tel.: (+49) 30 314 75744

Email: bettina.mieth[at]

ResearchGate, GoogleScholar

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Research Interests: My main research interest lies in applying the broad
range of possibilities that recent artificial intelligence methods offer to
harness the wealth of biological data and help solve biomedical problems.
To that end, I am working on my PhD thesis to develop, implement and apply
innovative machine learning techniques for sequential data, specifically
genetic and transcriptional data coming from genome-wide association
studies or single cell RNA sequencing experiments. I enjoy working in this
interdisciplinary field of science combining computer science, mathematics
and statistics to analyze and interpret biological data.