The SSA Toolbox


The SSA Toolbox is an open source implementation of the Stationary Subspace Analysis (SSA) algorithm with a friendly graphical user interface. It is platform-independent and has been tested successfully under Linux, Mac OS and Windows. The SSA Toolbox can be used as a standalone application, from the operating system's command line, from Matlab or as a Java library.

Highlights and Features


The SSA Toolbox is distributed as a self-contained archive that only needs unpacking; no further installation procedures are required.


The user manual (version 1.3) of the SSA Toolbox explains the fundamentals of the SSA algorithm, data input and output formats, the parameters of the algorithm and an illustrative example. It also includes a section for developers, describing the source code code structure and unit tests, and a growing collection of FAQ.


The source code is available under the BSD license. The latest version can always be found on github. In addition to the extensive source code documentation (Javadoc), the user manual provides a high-level overview of the structure and the accompanying unit tests. The API Documentation is available online and can be generated from the source package.


The latest version of the source code is available from github. Here you can download the source code of the official releases.

Contact and Support

Please do not hesitate to write to the SSA mailing list if you have any SSA-related question or comment.

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